Francesca is almost 3 years old already. To me, she is still my cuddly, baby girl. Francesca is progressing very slowly physically but, lately I have seen a lot of other changes in her. She laughs and smiles more, shows more interest in toys, is more alert, and is more aware of her surroundings. Francesca loves toys that light up, make sounds, and vibrate. She loves the water, being around children, being massaged, going for walks, and just being outside. She loves eating too and would eat anything and everything if we let her!    Francesca is a wonderful girl who does not ask for much, just a little TLC. In return, she gives unconditional love and is always happy. She has such a calm and relaxed demeanor, rarely complains, and rarely cries. When I'm sad or feeling down, a little cuddling with her just warms my heart right back up. She brings me lots of joy and is truly a gift.   Gita