Caroline turned 10 years old back in November of 2009.  She walked at 4 years old but is still not running or jumping.  She is severely globally delayed in all areas.  She attends a special needs school.  She currently uses speech and some signs but she prefers speech so her signs are slipping. She can say one full sentence and that is “How are you?”  Most of her speech is just one word utterances such as apple, eat, drink, ride, school, etc.  She will also imitate words that others say to her.  She can identify letters, numbers and colors. 

She has several self stimulation habits such as hitting her chest, flapping her hands and making loud crazy sounds.  She knows what she wants and won’t give up without getting her way.  She never wants shoes or socks on at home and her latest obsession is that everyone must take off their shoes and socks as soon as they come in the house from school or work.  This has been a VERY cold winter and my feet are freezing!!!!  She will not stop fussing until everyone has obeyed her orders to remove the shoes and socks!  She has also recently starting ripping up everything she can get her hands on.   The house is constantly messed up with shreds of ripped up papers, Zack’s homework, magazines, cookbooks, anything and everything made out of paper is fair game to her.   Caroline is rarely seen without something in her hands - most of the time it is a picture of someone she loves or the latest victim of Caroline the “RIPPER” (the poor left out library book, homework or that brand new People magazine). 

She has a funny personality and loves to laugh.  She is starting to play more with her brother and he tries to get her to play catch with him.  She loves all music and is in the school chorus.  Her favorite song is Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas (she can even sing Boom Boom Boom).  She also enjoys dancing, school, eating (especially ice cream), swimming, and going BYE BYE’s. She loves to visit her Mom-Mom and Nana & Pop-Pop’s house. She is always ready to get in the van and drive and jam to her music.  Caroline is usually very happy and easy going.  She gives amazing big bear hugs when you least expect it or when you need it the most.

We are constantly trying to get her to learn new things and say new words but the truth is SHE has taught our whole family more about life in this past decade then anything we could ever teach her.