Austin came into this world at 36 weeks with so many questions. He looked like he had been through hell and he had just entered the world. He had sparse hair, very wrinkly saggy skin, limp, and was unable to breathe on his own. We were sent home with no answers. Thankfully, after weeks at Mayo Clinic and numerous blood draws, urine analysis, scans, and a skin biopsy we received an answer, a reason, a mission...PKS. Statistics were against him. Kids with PKS rarely walk, talk, and many pass at birth or shortly thereafter.

16 years later he IS walking, IS talking, and IS still here to light up our life with his constant desire to explore his world. He has grown into a wonderful young man with more passion for life, more compassion toward others, and more innocence than a typical teenager that is incredibly sweet. He is loved dearly by his siblings and truly is a blessing for all of us.

He may not physically be able to compete with top athletes - but he has more strength than any of them. Thank God that he gives these children the resilience to persevere through anything...we are blessed.