Hello. My name is Rodrigo and I have 18 months.
I was born in 30 April of 2009 in Portugal and we know the diagnosis since 31 August 2010.
I have epilepsy but is controlled. I also have a lack of vitamin B12 which I take daily.

I have occupational therapy twice a week, early intervention teacher comes to my house two times and also have a physical therapy once a week. I'm also waiting to have speech therapy! I am also being accompanied by the Chinese therapy, going to do laser acupuncture once a week. I still do not sit alone, but I do very much effort every day to achieve one day! Since I like to put a stand but still not have enough stability.

Now I can communicate with my parents!!! the only way I've found so far was opening and closing the hand that means I want something. I count on them to help find out what I'm asking. And when they discover what I want I stop my hand! I have very ticklish and I love to laugh! I also love sleeping and eating! I love lights! more outshine more I like it!

I have a family that loves me very much! I am very spoiled!  I am a very HAPPY CHILD! If you want to know more about me you can communicate with my mother to the following e-mail: