Hi my name is Jazmin and my son name is Joshua. When i was about 32 weeks my doctor found that my stomach was measuring full term, so immediately they started do ultrasound twice a week & i was put on bed rest. The doctor recommended that i get the amniocentesis done so we can find out if my son has something or not. So at 36 weeks i went into my appointment for the amniocentesis and the moment they finished i went into labor. They said my son would come out with so many problems.

Once my son came out there was nothing wrong with him, in fact i had the problems. They only thing Joshua came out with was a high arched pallet with caused him to have difficulty feeding. The doctors told me day after day that my son will need to be tube fed and as he grows it might be permanent. Then they came to me and told me my son is diagnose with PKS and he will not be able to do alot of things growing up. He stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks before i couldn't take it anymore and got his hospital transferred. Joshua failed every hearing test he ever got and doctors told me he would need a hearing aid. But i thought they were wrong about almost everything they said. I feel as if because my son has PKS and its so rare there is not much known about this syndrome that any little thing he had they would blame it on his syndrome. To me i find it unfair that instead of being treated like any child in this world they choose to treat him as if he was different and they had no answer to anything of my questions besides "its because of his syndrome".

My son Joshua is now 5 months and has perfect hearing and shows no signs of his syndrome so far. He does see early intervention every month and they have been working with him. The only thing my son can't do yet for his age is hold his head up well, roll over, and sit up. My baby boy is wonderful and i wouldn't change him for nothing in the world. He is very special to me just like your children are special to you. I find nothing wrong with any child with PKS in fact they are all perfect and are loved just as equal as any child maybe even more.