Jessica is a true gift from God. I was 22 years old, in 1993 and already had a step-son who was 4, it was just like he was mine. So when my wife (at the time) became pregnant, I already had a boy and all I wanted and wished for was a little baby girl. Like any other father I wanted my little girl to stay my little girl forever. In a lot of ways, I got just what I prayed for.

Jessica was born on November 18, 1993. She had difficulties at birth and stayed in the hospital for a while. She came home right before Thanksgiving Day. We knew something was wrong and test were in process. They let us get through the holidays before they dropped the bomb on us. We were lucky and received a quick diagnosis (unlike a lot of others with this syndrome).

I was mad at the world for a long time, about my child having PKS. People would tell me “I’m sorry “ or “ There is a reason for everything .“ I hated that . One day I heard a wise man on the radio talking about his special child and about that “there is a reason for everything”. He stated “As parents, If there is a reason? Would it be good enough?”  No “ Would it change anything?” No. I grew a lot that day.

About 7 years ago, I was grocery shopping with Jessica when a lady that I have never met before, saw Jessica and came right up to her and started talking with her. This lady knew Jessica and Jess had touched her life. I found out that she was a parent of a school mate of Jessica. The things that she told me amazed me. That was when I realize just how many people that Jess has touched.

I wished I could tell you more from Jessica’s perspective, but Jessica can’t speak even though she will jabber your ear off and sing you a song. Sometimes happy and sometimes sad. She has always been wheel chair bound. Loves to be around other kids. Loves going to choir and band in school. I tried to teach her some basic sign at an early age with no response. She has been put under anesthesia so many times that I lost count years ago around 70 or 80 times, for things like hip reconstruction, several stomach surgeries, complete spinal fusion, mastoid (ear surgeries), and eye muscles just to touch a few.

Jessica is the most fragile but the strongest young person I have ever met. She has made me the man I am today and I thank God every day that he allowed her to enter my life. I hope to meet other PKS kids, I bet they are just like my Jessica, Strong, Beautiful and Resilient.