Donovan was born Nov. 13, 2010 and lived for 16 hrs. My pregnancy was fairly normal up until my 19 week ultrasound. They found out he had enlarged ventricles, short femur and a diaphragmatic hernia. They insisted on a amniocentesis which a couple days later came back clear. It wasn't until a week later I received a call saying he had Pallister Killians Syndrome, extra chromosome 12. They immediately referred us to a genetic counselor who knew nothing more than a couple of printouts off the Internet. We carried out the pregnancy and figured what ever the outcome we will handle it. He continued to grow, the fluid in his brain went away, but they had no idea how bad the hernia was. I ended up having 2 amnio reductions. My doctor decided to induce me at 39 weeks on Nov. 12, I was measuring 47 weeks due to the fluid. After 19 hrs of labor and a emergency c-section Donovan Anthony was born weighing 7lbs 14 oz. He was beautiful but could not breathe on his own, his lungs were of a 24 week old fetus and would not be compatible with life. He earned his wings at 9:15 pm. He was perfect, after all tubes were taken off of him he had some signs of PKS such as low set ears, high forehead, hair missing on the sides of his head and a high arched palate. I wish there had been a different turnout but I am grateful for my 5 healthy kids and would do it all over again just to have given him a chance. He will forever be our guardian angel.