I was told at my 21 week ultra sound that there were several "soft signs" of Downs Syndrome and they suggested further testing. My husband I decided against invasive procedures that might hurt our baby and wouldn't change what we did anyway. We just hoped for the best for our little girl. Daphne was born 3/11/09 by c-section at almost 42 weeks. We left the hospital 5 days later, she had to stay a few extra days due to jaundice. Right after she was born we noticed her 3rd and 4th fingers on both hands were webbed and the doctors said she had "coarse features", to us she was beautiful and perfect. At 3 weeks she had blood drawn for Karyotyping and Cytogenetices. May 5th the geneticist called and told us her diagnosis.

Since then we have learned so much about PKS and our little angel. She is a happy, healthy, beautiful princess and she is my pride and joy