Before I had Billy I would see other special need kids and feel so sorry for their parents. I felt sorry for them wondering how they coped. I was so ignorant to that world until I had my own special Angel. I then realised the only difference was the hopes and dreams you have for your child instead of hoping my child would be academic in school and have a successful career. I now hope that my child will sit up unaided or maybe one day walk or talk. All parents take pride in their child's achievements, like when your six month old claps her hands or waves bye bye its the same for us its just we jump around the place when our 3yr old does it. Everyone loves a baby and 'Ive just been blessed with a baby for a bit longer than most. I wouldn't change Billy for the world, he is the happiest child in the world and we love him and he loves us. We are so blessed to have him in our lives .x